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Rheal Energy | Caffeinated Snack Bars

Take your snack game to the next level and stay naturally energised with our superfood energy snack bars 🚀

The Rheal need for a better snack bar

We know how tempting it is to reach for a snack when you're out and about - for a boost of energy and a tasty pick me up.

There's nothing wrong with snacking - enjoying snacks between meals has a number of benefits from helping to meet nutritional requirements to maintaining a regular metabolism and even improving concentration.

However, many snacks contain lots of unwanted ingredients that aren't good for you. What's more, these are often disguised or hidden amongst healthier ingredients - making them harder to spot.

We wanted to create a snack bar that was both nurturing and delicious, so that you never have to choose between something that is good for you and something that you'll love eating.

Add in a boost of natural energy and a handful of superfoods and you have snack perfection. Let's explore!

Your search for the perfect snack is over

We have tried so many snack bars over the years and have never been able to find the balance between taste, texture, nutrition and ingredients.

It seemed that the better the snack bar was for your health, the worse it tasted. And that the ones which had the best flavour were full of hidden nasties.

We knew that we could make a better snack that was super delicious and satisfying, which didn't compromise on quality of ingredients or nutrition.

So that's exactly what we did - we made a range of 100% natural and gluten-free snack bars which are free from added sugar, sweeteners, flavourings and anything artificial.

They taste amazing, are gooey and chewy - not dry and crumbly! - and are packed with superfoods including naturally energising guarana - your new superfood best friend.

Guarana: Energy, nature's way

Guarana is a superfood in its own right, renowned for its naturally energising properties.

The guarana plant is native to Brazil and the Amazon, where it grows in the wild producing large leaves and clusters of flowers.

It is best known for the seeds from its fruit, which are roughly the same size of coffee beans and harness all of guarana's nutritional benefits. When you see guarana in food and drinks, this is where it comes from.

One of the main reasons guarana is used as a functional food is as a natural source of caffeine. Our innovative energy snack bars contain 68mg caffeine - the same amount as a single espresso, but purely from guarana and delivered in a delicious gooey snack!

Say goodbye to energy drinks, coffee and sugary snacks - and hello to our naturally caffeinated energy snack bars. Enjoy as a grab and go breakfast, mid-afternoon snack or healthy dessert to keep you naturally energised and super satisfied.

Meet the Bars

Our superfood energy bars are uncompromising on taste, texture, nutrition and ingredients. Here's what all the fuss is about...

  • Each snack bar is 50g and individually wrapped, perfect for enjoying on the move

  • 68mg caffeine per bar, purely from the Brazilian Superfood guarana - the same amount of caffeine as a single espresso!

  • Gluten-free & Coeliac friendly

  • Plant-based & Vegan friendly

  • Made with superfoods to keep you optimally nourished with every bite

  • Gooey & chewy, not dry or crumbly

  • No unwanted extras - No sweeteners, additives, flavourings or added sugars

  • Around 200 calories per bar

  • 6-7g gut friendly fibre per bar


Packing so much goodness and natural energy into our snack bars is all down to choosing the best ingredients.

The core ingredients in every energy bar are: Oats, Chia Seeds, Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter for our peanut flavour) and Himalayan Rock Salt. They're packed with plant protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre & healthy fats - and also give the bars their signature gooey deliciousness!

We add natural Brazilian guarana and our chosen superfood flavourings:

Blueberry Muffin 🫐 - Organic dried Blueberries, Organic Blueberry Powder & Almonds

Banana Bread 🍌 - Organic dried Banana chips, Organic Banana Powder, Organic Cacao Nibs & Walnuts

Hazelnut Cacao 🌰 - Hazelnuts, Organic Raw Cacao Powder & Organic Cacao Nibs

Peanut Butter 🥜 - Peanut Butter & Peanuts


Taste and Texture

We set out to create energy snack bars that taste as good as they are for you. We wanted your taste buds to love these bars just as much as your body does.

The good news is that all of those lovely natural ingredients pack in boat loads of flavour as well as nutrition. We don't add any sugar or sweeteners either, so there's no artificial sweetness or sugar overload.

Instead, our natural ingredients and superfoods have a fresh, vibrant flavour that you'll enjoy - rather than endure!


Happy snacking, better energy! 🌱

Our energy snack bars bring you the goodness of nature's best superfoods in a delicious snack that couldn't be easier to enjoy.

You get all the nutrition, taste and goodness of homemade healthy snacks - but with the hard work done for you - and an added boost of natural caffeine in every bite.

  • Grab a bar for a healthy breakfast to kickstart your day and fuel your busy morning

  • Enjoy as a naturally energising afternoon pick me up or after lunch snack

  • Pop into your gym bag to refuel and curb cravings after a workout

  • Stock up your cupboards to make working from home snacks easier and healthier than ever

There's a flavour for everyone and if you love all four, you can get the whole range in our Rheal energy bar variety box which contains 3 of each flavour 🎉


✅ Naturally energising guarana with as much caffeine as a single espresso

✅ Amazing taste and texture

✅ Free from gluten, dairy, added sugar and anything artificial

✅ Packed with the nourishing superfoods your body loves



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