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How to Make the Perfect Ground Mushroom Coffee

Time to elevate your coffee and enjoy calmer energy and focus. Put the kettle on, grab your favourite mug and take 5 minutes to brew and enjoy the perfect Ground Mushroom Coffee! 🍄


What is Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is coffee with added mushroom extracts - which are there for their unique health-enhancing properties, not their taste! Our functional mushrooms are extracted from real fruiting bodies to bring you their adaptogenic and medicinal properties in the purest and most bioavailable form.

Chaga, Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extracts are blended with Organic Arabica coffee from the mountains of Guatemala and Costa Rica, to bring you a luxurious, coffee house style brew that you will enjoy and savour.

Each sip of our Ground Mushroom Coffee brings you the brain boosting, stress banishing and natural energising benefits of functional mushrooms - with the unbeatable flavour of freshly brewed Arabica. You can learn more about mushroom coffee here:


🍄 What is mushroom coffee and why is everyone drinking it? 

🌎 Where is our Organic Arabica coffee grown?


What is a French press / cafetière?

A cafetière (or French press - they're the same thing!) is a coffee pot with a plunger made of fine mesh which pushes coffee grounds through hot water and to the bottom of the coffee pot.

This allows the ground coffee to brew whilst filtering out the grounds so that you can discard them. You need a cafetière to make ground coffee as it does not dissolve into water like instant coffee does.

If you don't have one already, you can easily grab your own cafetière online or in large supermarkets!


How can I make the perfect cup of ground coffee?

Making the perfect cup of Ground Mushroom Coffee every time is easy when you follow a few basic principles. Try our top tips below to become a coffee connoisseur and get the barista experience in the comfort of your own home:

  • Warm the cafetière with some hot water before you make your coffee, so that it stays hotter for longer
  • Wait for your boiled water to settle for around 30 seconds before adding a small amount to just cover the coffee grounds, mix well before adding the remaining water
  • Allow your coffee to brew for 4-5 minutes before plunging
  • Plunge very slowly for maximum flavour
  • Don't leave coffee in the cafetière for long or it will go bitter


Can I recycle my used coffee grounds?

You don't have to say goodbye to your Ground Mushroom Coffee once the cup is empty! Here are some great ways to reuse those fabulous coffee grounds:


☕️ Make a natural body scrub with 3tbsp coffee grounds, 1tbsp coconut oil and 1tbsp brown sugar

☕️ Add your nutrient-rich coffee grounds to compost or use in the garden as a natural fertiliser

☕️ If you're into your crafts then you can turn used coffee grounds into homemade coffee candles, to savour that freshly brewed aroma for longer!



Here's the recipe, remember you can always double the quantities to make more cups of Ground Mushroom Coffee if you have a larger cafetière or more than just yourself at the breakfast table!





  1. Boil the kettle and add your Ground Mushroom Coffee to the cafetière
  2. Once boiled but no longer bubbling, add your hot water to the cafetière, mix well and cover with the lid to keep warm
  3. Allow to sit and brew for 4-5 minutes before plunging
  4. Serve in your favourite mug and enjoy immediately with or without milk - or if you're feeling fancy froth up some warm milk and add to your coffee for the full barista experience!


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