Morning Routine Rheal
Morning Routine Rheal
Morning Routine Rheal
Morning Routine Rheal

Morning Routine

The best superfoods to support you in the morning

  • Become a morning person with the best superfoods for your mind + body
  • Natural antioxidants to add to your breakfast with Berry Beauty
  • A better for you cup of coffee with Shroom Coffee, to reduce brain fog + increase productivity
  • Your daily super-greens with Clean Greens, to support energy + digestion
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    1 x Berry Beauty (150g), 1 x Shroom Coffee (150g), 1 x Clean Greens (150g)


    Boost your morning routine with natural superfoods!

    Berry Beauty: Add to water, smoothies and sprinkle over oats or yoghurt.

    Shroom Coffee: Brew with hot water and milk for a delicious (+ better) cuppa.

    Clean Greens: Add to water, smoothies and juices.

Your Morning Fuel

Support your health & wellbeing in the mornings with super-greens, berries and adaptogens - to set you up for an even better day.

Wake Up + Smell The Coffee

Can’t function without your morning brew but hate its effects? Switch to Mushroom Coffee for calmer energy + better focus in every sip. Mornings just got easier!

  • Brain-hugging Mushrooms

    With Chaga, Cordyceps & Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extracts, to support productivity & focus.

  • Nutrient-Dense Superfoods

    Your daily super-greens with Clean Greens and natural antioxidants with Berry Beauty, to support your overall wellness.

  • Simple & Convenient

    Add a spoonful of each into your Morning Routine, to start your day the best way! Add to water, smoothies, juice, oats and healthy recipes.


Clean Greens

Your daily source of super-greens

Shroom Coffee

For calmer energy & focus

Berry Beauty

Your daily source of natural antioxidants

“I love that Rheal’s products are 100% organic, gluten free and plant based because I know there are no hidden nasties in there! For a while I was not feeling myself and I can honestly say that I now feel amazing thanks to Rheal.”

Rosie @rosie.tredgett Verified Customer

“I struggled with digestive discomfort with regular coffee, so having less caffeine and the benefits of functional mushrooms makes Rheal’s Shroom Coffee a winner for me.”

Emma @dremmathurston Verified Customer

“Rheal’s Shroom Coffee is an amazing way to kickstart the morning and power through the afternoon. Big fan!”

Jim @jimhgalvin Verified Customer


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