Rheal Bottle Rheal Superfoods
Rheal Bottle Rheal Superfoods

Rheal Bottle

With each Rheal Bottle sold, 1000 plastic bottles will be prevented from entering the Ocean. In partnership with Ocean Bottle!

  • Limited Edition Rheal bottle in Forest Green
  • Stops 1000 plastic bottles entering the Ocean
  • Stainless steel vacuum insulation
  • 500ml + double opening

30-day Returns

Fast Shipping

Your Impact

Buy one Rheal Ocean Bottle to fund the collection of 11.4kg ocean bound plastic, equivalent to 1000 500ml plastic bottles.

Your New Bottle

With stainless steel insulation, enjoy up to 9 hours of hot water or 18 hours of cold water to keep you refreshed every day.

  • Make Your Impact

    Prevent 1000 plastic bottles from entering the Ocean.

  • Stainless Steel

    For the best insulation, hot or cold.

  • Double Opening

    For easy cleaning, adding ice or sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

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”Superfoods Are The Future”
Tej Lalvani, CEO Vitabiotics

“Help boost your all-round wellness”

“Rising stars”