Making small changes can have a big impact.

We’re on a mission to encourage more people to live healthier & happier with the power of superfoods. And for us, it’s personal.

Our Story

Charlotte had been fit, healthy and active all her life up until 2012 – when she suddenly found herself underweight and suffering with severe fatigue, to the point where even just getting through the day was a struggle. After many tests, she was eventually diagnosed with Coeliac Disease – an autoimmune condition which can only be managed by following a strict gluten-free diet for life.

A few years later, Charlotte & Sean met at University and Sean began to realise just how much Charlotte’s fatigue and digestive issues were really restricting her ability to live a normal life. They both decided to take matters into their own hands and look for more natural ways to help… leading them to superfoods!

After just a few weeks of experimenting with superfoods, they discovered that these ingredients were having such a positive impact on not just Charlotte’s health, but Sean’s too. Since then, they’ve never looked back!

Our Mission

And so, Charlotte and Sean set out to make the power of superfoods accessible for everyone. From boosting immune health and energy, to focus and fitness – our blends contain the most nutrient dense ingredients on the planet, to give you what you need to thrive.

Sean’s Story

1 year into their journey in November 2018, Sean found a large lump in his neck. Having always been fit and healthy, he didn’t worry too much at first but fast forward a few weeks, it was confirmed that the lump was caused by a kind of cancer.

Sean was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of just 26 – with no prior concerns or symptoms this was a huge shock. He immediately began treatment and after gruelling courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Sean eventually got the all-clear in July 2019 – and is officially in remission!

This experience only strengthened Charlotte & Sean’s passion for wellness, with an even better appreciation for health and life itself. They’ve been on a mission ever since to help as many people as possible live a healthier and happier life.

We Were Loved By All Dragons

In 2021, Charlotte and Sean appeared on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den. Their pitch went down in history as all five Dragons offered them exactly what they asked for.

‘Superfoods are the future’

Tej Lalvani
Tej LalvaniCEO of Vitabiotics

‘You’ve not only created something that is good for you, it actually tastes lovely.’

Deborah Meaden
Deborah Meaden

‘You are two outstanding young entrepreneurs’

Peter Jones OBE
Peter Jones CBE

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“I love that Rheal’s products are 100% organic, gluten free and plant based because I know there are no hidden nasties in there! For a while I was not feeling myself and I can honestly say that I now feel amazing thanks to Rheal.”

Rosie @rosie.tredgett Verified Customer

“I struggled with digestive discomfort with regular coffee, so having less caffeine and the benefits of functional mushrooms makes Rheal’s Shroom Coffee a winner for me.”

Emma @dremmathurston Verified Customer

“Rheal’s Shroom Coffee is an amazing way to kickstart the morning and power through the afternoon. Big fan!”

Jim @jimhgalvin Verified Customer

We’ll do good for you, and we’ll do good for the planet too.

With every order, we plant a tree on your behalf with our charity partner, Ecologi. As a company, we’re committed to helping rebuild areas affected by deforestation and reducing carbon in the atmosphere. And so far, with your support we’ve planted over 80,000 trees across the world!

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