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Variety Box

Our delicious caffeinated superfood bars are the perfect pick-me-up for long lasting energy. Enjoy all Rheal Energy flavours with our online exclusive Variety Box.

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Rheal Energy

The Brazilian Superfood, Guarana - provides as much caffeine as an espresso in every bar!


Naturally caffeinated alongside gluten free oats, nuts & chia seeds - for a pick-me-up that lasts too

Clean Ingredients

Flavoured with real fruits and nuts - zero added ‘natural flavours’

Totally Delicious

Naturally sweet, gooey and crunchy - similar to a flapjack!

High Fibre

Up to 7g of gut-friendly fibre in every bar

Gluten Free

And Coeliac safe, with only gluten free ingredients & third party testing

Our Super Guarana

Meet Guarana, nature’s naturally energising superfood. It is an excellent source of caffeine, containing around four times the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans!

  • Guarana isn’t just a superfood due to its caffeine though, it also contains a vast amount of vitamins & minerals. In fact, Guarana has been praised for having a high antioxidant capacity similar to green tea - one of the best antioxidant foods out there.

  • Guarana made the perfect ingredient to create our caffeinated bars as it doesn’t have a dominant flavour (like coffee) or give an unpleasant, bitter after-taste (often associated with green tea). Digested alongside gluten free oats, nuts and chia seeds, our Rheal Energy bars give you that long lasting pick-me-up when you need it!

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Let's hear what some of them have to say.

  • "Best snack bar ever. I adore these Rheal bars & cannot find a favourite so I am so glad they do a variety box on subscription as I can't do without them. Great if you're too busy for lunch or as a pick-me-up throughout the day."

    Verified Customer
  • "Delicious. Been searching for a long time to find a healthy energy bar that doesn’t taste ‘healthy’ and boring. These are so good and always hit the spot when I need a morning treat/boost :) Perfect taste and texture. Hazelnut Cacao is my favourite."

    Verified Customer
  • "Love these bars. Great to take to work with me as I’m always super busy and sometimes too busy to sit and eat. They give me instant energy when I need it."

    Verified Customer
  • "Love love love. What a great way to try these bars. Brilliant idea to have a variety box. These bars all taste amazing and are great for a mid afternoon snack/boost. Highly recommend."

    Verified Customer
  • "This is, by far, the BEST superfood/health brand out there. Natural products that really really work. No additives or flavourings like other brands, and no nonsense. Just goodness, backed by science, which as a brand, they are not afraid to educate us on. Fantastic emails, brilliant branding and healthy products."

    Verified Customer
  • "I'm feeling good naturally and I can't believe it. Clean, natural products that actually work. No nonsense, no hidden nasties, no flavourings or additives, just natural ingredients and incredible results. Highly recommend, will be buying these products for the rest of my life."

    Verified Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use flavourings?

Our Energy Bars do not contain any flavourings, just natural whole food ingredients.

Are they gluten free and suitable for Coeliacs?

Of course! As our founder, Charlotte, is Coeliac - all of our bars are 100% gluten free. We use gluten free oats and they’re manufactured in a gluten free facility.

What do you use to sweeten the bars?

We haven’t added any sweeteners to our bars. The sweetness comes from naturally occurring sugars found in date syrup, coconut sugar and other superfoods!

How many calories are in each bar?

There are between 200 - 230 calories in each bar, for you to actually be satisfied for longer.

How much fibre is in each bar?

There is between 6 - 7g of fibre in each bar, to help support your gut health too.

What is the source of caffeine?

The natural source of caffeine in our energy bars is from the Brazilian superfood, Guarana. It is naturally high in caffeine, so it provides a good source of energy - without the jittery feeling associated with coffee or green tea.

What is the caffeine content per bar?

There is 68mg of caffeine per bar, which is the same as a single espresso.

How many of each flavour do you get in the Variety Box?

You get 3 of each flavour in our Variety Box (Banana Bread, Blueberry Muffin, Hazelnut Cacao & Peanut Butter), for 12 bars in total.

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Our Superfoods Are The
Rheal Deal

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We’ll do good for you, and for the planet too.

As a registered B Corp, this means that every decision and step we make as a business, carefully considers the impact we will have on the planet, our communities, our wildlife & eco-systems. And with every order, we will also plant a tree on your behalf with our charity partner, Ecologi.

So far, we’ve planted over 850,000 trees worldwide, to support areas affected by deforestation.

Rheal is truly a force for good.

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