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Gut Feel: Organic Superfood blend for better gut health

Your daily source of gut friendly superfoods, created to help your Gut Feel its best everyday.

Meet Gut Feel 🥝

Gut Feel is a brand new addition to our superfood family, designed to help your Gut Feel its best everyday.

We know that gut health is so important to overall wellness and that many of our customers struggle with digestive issues including:

  • Conditions such as IBS, IBD, Colitis, Coeliac Disease and Crohn's disease
  • Digestive problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, indigestion and excess wind
  • Bowel issues such as constipation and diarrhoea

Many of us also suffer with things such as stress and anxiety, low energy levels, weight gain, skin flare ups and poor immunity - which are all common signs of poor gut health.

In the UK, 58% of us suffer with at least one gut health issue - and 45% of these have lasted 3 months or more. There's no quick fix or easy solution, but nurturing better gut health everyday is a great place to start.

We wanted to develop a blend to specifically help the gut and in particular, gut bacteria - and so Gut Feel was born.

Your gut's new best friend 💛

Gut Feel is a blend of five natural and Organic superfoods, each chosen for their unique gut boosting benefits. Each serving of Gut Feel contains...

600mg Actazin® Organic Kiwi Fruit 

Actazin® kiwi fruit is an amazing source of Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants.

It is also a functional food, with scientifically proven benefits including improved digestion, reduced digestive symptoms and effective prebiotic action.

Each serving of Gut Feel contains 600mg Actazin® kiwi fruit, the optimal dose which has been shown in clinical trials to provide these amazing benefits. You can learn more about this in our blog below.

👉 Actazin® Kiwi Fruit: The science behind the benefits of Gut Feel

Our cold-pressed and freeze-dried green kiwi fruit powder also brings a fresh, revitalising and naturally sweet flavour to Gut Feel.

Organic Baobab 

Baobab pulp is almost 50% fibre, which makes it a great food to support your digestive system.

Fibre is used by the body to feed good bacteria in the gut. The more these good bacteria are fed, the more gut health can flourish!

Fibre also helps to keep our bowels regular and reduces symptoms such as gas, wind, bloating and constipation.

Organic Apple 

Apples contain both soluble and insoluble fibre, which helps to regulate bowel movements and prevent issues such as constipation or diarrhoea.

They're also a great source of pectin, a specific type of fibre that acts as a prebiotic to help balance our gut microbiome.

Pectin has also been shown to help stimulate the immune system directly from activity in the gut.


Organic Barley Grass 

Barley grass is also a good source of fibre - and is considered one of the best sources - providing around 3g dietary fibre per 10g (one tablespoon).

Fibre is one of the best nutrients for the digestive system as it feeds good bacteria in the gut, functioning as a prebiotic.

Barley Grass also contains Vitamins A, C and K as well as sodium which is used in the gut to produce digestive enzymes, for better digestion.


Organic Ginger 

Ginger contains powerful antioxidants which protect cells in the gut from damage.

It is a well known natural tonic for digestive problems such as a bad stomach and irregular bowels. It helps to reduce inflammation and also fermentation, particularly useful for those following a low FODMAP diet.

Ginger has also been shown to help to speed up the movement of food through the digestive tract.

Organic ginger in Gut Feel has a whole spectrum of health benefits, but also provides a subtle earthy flavour which helps to balance out the natural sweetness of the kiwi and apple.


All of our ingredients are certified Organic, gluten-free, vegan friendly and 100% natural. We use only real, freeze-dried fruits with no sweeteners and nothing else added - because nothing else is needed!

How to enjoy Gut Feel 🥄

Gut Feel is the perfect balance of naturally sweet, sour and refreshing with apple, kiwi and baobab.

Simply mix with cool water for a gut balancing tonic. You can also add Gut Feel to smoothies, yoghurt, health shots & much more!


Gut Feel & Clean Greens: The perfect pairing 🤝

Clean Greens & Gut Feel are the perfect pair to support overall gut health and nurture a healthy, balanced microbiome.

Clean Greens is an amazing blend for supporting our immune health, boosting energy and cleansing the gut.

Gut Feel works with your gut to feed good bacteria and create a balanced microflora, with gentle and natural prebiotic action.

This delicious duo contains 13 gut friendly superfoods. You can enjoy these blends together in one drink or smoothie - or separately throughout the day, whichever you prefer.


Gut Feel is a 100% natural and certified Organic superfood blend designed to optimise gut health from within. A daily serving of Gut Feel contains gut loving nutrients and prebiotics, which can help to nurture a healthy microbiome and solve the root cause of many gut issues for a happier and healthier you 💛


Gut Feel & Clean Greens combo



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