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Clean Greens Simple Morning Tonic

Simple, but effective. This is our favourite way to start every day - with a nourishing and refreshing Clean Greens morning tonic.


What are the health benefits of Clean Greens? 💪

Clean Greens provides the goodness of nutritious superfoods, each packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a rich source of Vitamins C & B6 as well as Iron - helping to support immunity and digestive health. Clean Greens is a convenient and reliable way to get the benefits of greens daily, as most of us fall short or our recommended intake of green fruit & veg.


What can I mix Clean Greens with? 🍋

Clean Greens is incredibly versatile. You can add it to juice, smoothies, oats, meals, healthy baking recipes or simply plain water. However you choose to enjoy your Clean Greens, just 1 teaspoon is all you need to get your daily super greens.


What does Clean Greens taste like? 😋

Clean Greens has an earthy taste that you'd expect from a greens powder. We don't add sugar or sweeteners to any of our blends, so if you prefer to jazz things up then you can add a twist of lemon or lime or add your greens to juice or a smoothie.





  • 1 heaped tsp Clean Greens
  • 250-350ml cold water 
  • Juice of a fresh lemon or lime
  • Optional sweetener - honey or agave
  1. Pour the water into a glass, mix in the Clean Greens and squeeze in the lemon or lime, add a sweetener if desired and enjoy!


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