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Clean Greens Hummus

A savoury recipe that you can always rely on is homemade hummus! The perfect way to enjoy healthy snacking, paired with some chopped celery, carrots and red peppers. We wanted to pair one of our blends with this savoury recipe and we think Clean Greens is the perfect match! 



- 1 tsp. of Clean Greens

- 1 tin of chickpeas 

- 1 tbsp. of light tahini 

- ½ lemon juice 

- 2 tbsp. of olive/avocado oil 

- 2 garlic cloves 

- ⅓ cup of water 

- Salt and pepper to taste 


  1. Process all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and transfer into an airtight container
  2. Store in your fridge to enjoy alongside some fresh veggies!

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