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Shroom Coffee Latte

A simple way to enjoy a delicious mushroom coffee. 

Shroom Coffee - for calmer energy ⚡️

Our Shroom Coffee is the perfect brew to help you power through a busy day, without the anxious thoughts and sweaty palms from too much caffeine! Shroom Coffee only contains 50mg of caffeine per cup and the magic of our Lion's Mane Mushroom extract helps to balance out the unpleasant side effects of caffeine. Helping you feel more alert but much calmer 😌






  • 1 heaped teaspoon Shroom Coffee 
  • Optional sweetener - honey or agave 
  • 250ml hot water 
  • Splash of your preferred milk (if desired)


  1. Add your Shroom Coffee and sweetener (if desired) to a mug. Then top with hot water and a splash of milk before taking a sip of the magic!



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