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What Is Mushroom Coffee and Why Is Everyone Drinking It?

What is Mushroom Coffee and Why is Everyone Drinking It?

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Mushroom coffee pairs functional mushroom extracts with Organic Arabica coffee beans to elevate your daily coffee. With naturally energising and adaptogenic properties, mushroom extracts are the perfect pairing with coffee to provide enhanced focus and superior mental clarity. Time to power through your busy schedule with every sip - and free yourself of the jitters and post-coffee crash.


What is Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is coffee blended with added functional mushrooms. These are medicinal mushrooms which are  known for their powerful adaptogenic properties. With naturally energising properties, mushroom extracts can elevate your coffee to help fuel your day nature's way.

We’re a nation of coffee lovers and it seems that every new day brings a different variety of coffee. Trouble is, many of these give us a spike of energy that’s quickly followed by a sluggish slump.

Drinks too high in caffeine create the illusion of energy by binding to receptors in our brain which regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This provides a sort of artificial alertness that isn’t sustainable and may even leave you feeling more tired, not to mention disrupting sleep later in the evening.

But coffee provides some undeniable health benefits – studies have found that drinking coffee is linked with improved stamina, enhanced cognitive performance and reduced risk of some health conditions - not to mention better energy levels. So how can we enjoy these benefits without compromising sleep or having to endure the caffeine jitters?

The answer is mushroom coffee. Mushroom coffee typically provides just half the caffeine you’d find in a cup of coffee, working at a cellular level to promote a more natural energy that is easier to sustain. This means you can reap all the benefits of coffee without overdoing the caffeine, for a sustainable energy release that instills mental clarity and focus - without the caffeine crash.

Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for their health enhancing benefits since as far back as Traditional Chinese Medicine, thousands of years ago.

Perhaps the first ever food seen as a superfood, medicinal mushrooms were routinely used in teas and tonics to treat common ailments and promote overall wellness.

The types of mushrooms praised for their health benefits were once only accessible in their native countries, but in the modern world we can now enjoy them as a nutrient-dense mushroom powder or supplement. Even better, blended with a regular coffee that's already part of your daily routine.

Mushroom coffee is all about the botanical benefits of these two amazing ingredients and how they can work together to boost energy and fight fatigue. As well as being great for enhancing energy, mushroom coffee also has some wider health benefits too.

💪 Immune Support - Coffee is a rich source of polyphenols and antioxidants which support the immune system by protecting the body from toxins. Medicinal mushrooms are also a source of triterpenes, compounds which have been found to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as wider immune health benefits.

🩸 Cholesterol & Blood Sugar - Medicinal mushrooms have been shown to help reduce both sugar and lipid levels in blood, helping to lower the risk of health conditions such as Diabetes and Heart Disease.

😌 Stress & Anxiety - Adaptogens extracted from medicinal mushrooms can help to balance hormones and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Mushroom coffee also contains less caffeine compared with regular coffee, making it a good swap for anyone who finds that coffee usually increases their anxiety.

🧠 Brain Health - Functional mushrooms have consistently been shown to improve many aspects of brain health - helping to protect against age-related cognitive decline, as well as boost memory, focus and mood. Studies have also found that long-term coffee drinkers are less likely to develop brain conditions such as Alzheimer's and Dementia.


Enjoy mushroom coffee for:

✅ Natural, Sustainable Energy

✅ Enhanced Cognitive Function

✅ Focus and Mental Clarity

✅ Brain Health Support

✅ Calmer Energy Without the Jitters or Caffeine Crash


What Is Mushroom Coffee Made With?

Not all mushroom coffee is created equal, so always be sure to check out the ingredients and and their potency, which should be detailed on the packaging.

Organic mushroom extracts from real fruiting bodies are the gold-standard of Mushroom Coffee - which are exactly what we use to make our Shroom Coffee.

Here is what you can enjoy in every sip.

 Arabica Coffee – Organic and sustainably sourced Arabica coffee beans grown on small farms high in the mountains. Also known as “mountain coffee”, the Arabica species of the coffee is the most popular in the world, thriving at high altitudes for a distinct aromatic flavour. Our beans are roasted to perfection to create a dark, smooth coffee with subtle flavours of cocoa, before being blended and finished here in the UK.

👉 Where does our Organic Arabica coffee come from?


🍄 Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract – Best known for its nootropic properties, Lion’s Mane increases mental clarity and alertness to help you glide through your busy schedule effortlessly. Enhance cognitive performance, promote brain health and help to relieve stress & anxiety with this powerful functional mushroom.

👉 Lion's Mane Mushroom 101


🌱 Maca Root – Maca is a natural adaptogen, a herbal ingredient which helps the body to manage stress and supports optimal hormonal balance. We add Maca Root to our Shroom Coffee blend for its energising properties, as well as ability to help boost concentration and focus.

👉 Health benefits of Maca Root


Shroom Coffee: Organic Arabica Coffee with Mushroom Extracts

Our mushroom coffee blend with natural adaptogens and medicinal mushroom extracts has been created to elevate your coffee routine.


☕️ Original Shroom Coffee Blend

A blend of premium instant Arabica Coffee with organic Maca Root & Lion’s Mane, to kick-start your morning and power through your afternoon.

Simply add hot water just off the boil and a dash of milk if that's your thing.

What does Mushroom Coffee taste like?

Mushroom Coffee does not taste like mushrooms! They are extracted and added for their functional properties, not their flavour.

So, our mushroom coffee tastes smooth, nutty, aromatic and rich with a subtle hint of cocoa - just like the organic Arabica coffee we use to make it.

Our mushroom coffee has an authentic taste which coffee connoisseurs will love – you’ll forget the mushrooms are there, until they work their magic!

Mushroom Coffee Recipes

Mushroom coffee is just as versatile as any coffee. It can be enjoyed simply black with hot water, or used to create barista style brews and within healthy recipes.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to enjoy mushroom coffee.

☕️ The Perfect Black Coffee Recipe

☕️ Dalgona Coffee - Whipped Mushroom Coffee Recipe

☕️ Vanilla Mushroom Coffee Latte Recipe

☕️ Coffee Energy Balls Recipe

☕️ Tiramisu Overnight Oats Recipe


Which other Medicinal Mushrooms could help me?

Aside from Lion's Mane mushrooms there are many other types which are utilised as functional foods - each with their own unique properties and health benefits.

Reishi mushroom is a mushroom known for it's calming and relaxing properties. Like Lion's Mane, it is also a powerful adaptogen but one which helps us to unwind and destress rather than reenergise.

You can enjoy the benefits of Reishi mushroom in our Coco Dream healthy hot cocoa. It is a blend of raw Peruvian cacao with Reishi mushroom extract, Ceylon cinnamon and Ashwagandha. Enjoy Coco Dream in the evening to relax and instil calm for a great night's sleep.


Drinking mushroom coffee instead of your regular instant coffee is the perfect way to reenergise and revitalise whilst supporting your overall health and wellness. With all natural ingredients, a lower caffeine content and the benefits of added superfoods - making the switch to mushroom coffee is a healthy habit you can enjoy everyday.


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