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The Perfect Magic Matcha Latte Recipe

Unwind, destress and regain mental clarity with every delicious sip.

Magic Matcha Organic superfood blend 🌱

Magic Matcha is a blend of matcha green tea with added Lion's Mane mushroom extract and Ashwagandha root.

This holy trinity of natural adaptogens helps to banish stress, restore focus and improve concentration - for sustainable energy that will help you power through your busy day.

We use ceremonial grade Japanese matcha for an authentic taste, with a hint of ginger for a balanced flavour and natural antioxidant boost.

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Our favourite Magic Matcha recipes 🍵

Magic Matcha is extremely versatile and we love adding it to all kinds of healthy meals and drinks - for a boost of colour, flavour and nutrition!

Here are some of our favourite Magic Matcha recipes, to inspire your kitchen creations.

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Of course, you can also enjoy Magic Matcha simply made into a drink, either with just hot water or with some added plant-based milk for a delicious latte.

Here's how to make the perfect Magic Matcha latte.



  • 1 level teaspoon Magic Matcha
  • 250ml hot water 
  • Your preferred milk 
  • Optional sweetener - agave or honey 


  1. Add Magic Matcha to your cup with a sweetener (if desired).
  2. Mix the matcha with a little hot water, either with an electric whisk or matcha whisk.
  3. Mix in some milk for a deliciously warm matcha latte. 

The Perfect Magic Matcha Latte Recipe

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