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Magic Matcha Green Goodness Smoothie Recipe

A refreshing and nourishing greens smoothie with Magic Matcha to keep you switched on and focused.

The Goodness of Greens 🥬

We all know that greens are good for us, but getting them to taste good isn't always easy.

If you don't eat greens with your usual meals, adding a handful to your smoothie is a great way to enjoy their goodness.

By adding naturally sweet fruit such as pineapple and banana too, you can balance out the flavour of greens which can be a little bitter. You can even get away with adding a handful of kale too!

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Magic Matcha Organic Superfood Blend 🍵

Magic Matcha is our blend of ceremonial grade Japanese matcha green tea with Lion's Mane, ashwagandha root and ginger.

With matcha and 500mg Lion's Mane per serving, it's the perfect brew to keep you switched on and focused - with powerful adaptogens to help you concentrate and fight mental fatigue.

Adding a scoop of Magic Matcha to shakes or smoothies is a great way to enjoy its fresh flavour and amazing benefits. Here's the recipe.





  • 120g frozen banana
  • 120g frozen pineapple
  • Handful of kale
  • 2 teaspoons Magic Matcha
  • 400ml nut/oat milk


  1. Place all of your ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until smooth - then sip away and enjoy!


Magic Matcha greens smoothie recipe

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