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Rheal Superfoods: Getting Started 101

Welcome aboard your Rheal journey! Here is all you need to know about getting started with superfoods & beginning to feel Rheal good.

Getting started with Rheal 🤗

Starting anything new can be daunting - especially when it comes to health and nutrition, but we are always here to help.

In fact, so far we've helped over 750,000 people find their feel good - and now it's your turn! 🎉

Read on for all you need to know about getting started with Rheal and how to get the most out of your superfoods, including:

  • How to form healthy habits
  • Different ways to enjoy the Rheal products
  • Practical ways to make the taste work for you
  • When you can expect to notice a difference
  • Why Rheal was started, and what makes us different


Rheal: Your new healthy habit 🙌

Like most healthy lifestyle changes, incorporating superfoods into your diet is about establishing a daily routine that works for you.

Superfoods are not a dietary fad or passing craze, they're just 100% natural and nutrient-dense foods that can help you to feel your best and smash your health goals.

When it comes to nutrition, consistency is absolutely key - it's about making superfoods part of your daily routine and creating a new healthy habit. You can learn all about how to do just that in our blog post below.

🌱 How to form new habits that will last, according to science

Remember, you don't have to be perfect - just consistent! (More on this later).

How to enjoy your superfoods 🥄

Aside from our Energy Bars, most of our products are a nutrient-dense powder that you enjoy a daily serving of to get your superfood boost.

Something we get asked all of the time is how should you be enjoying your superfood blends to get maximum benefits?

The overall answer is whatever works for you! But we'd love to offer some guidance too, so here it is.


Can I have more than one product each day?

All of our products are made with different ingredients, chosen to provide their own unique benefits 🎉

Whilst some of the ingredients are the same in multiple products, you are fine to enjoy these together daily in the amounts provided. So you could have a serving of each blend everyday - if you would like to.

You can enjoy our superfood blends separately, or you can even add them to the same meal / drink - whichever you prefer! We would always advise having the recommended serving of each daily for maximum benefits. 

When should I have each product?

Whilst consistency and establishing a superfood routine is always the best way to get the most out of your superfoods, we do recommend enjoying certain blends at different times of the day.

This is because some are designed to be naturally energising, whilst others are to help you unwind - so enjoying them when those benefits would be most useful is a great idea.

Here is an overview of when we'd recommend enjoying each product.

Morning 🌅

Enjoy first thing on an empty stomach or mixed into breakfast recipes, for the best possible start to your day.

🍓 Berry Beauty

🌱 Clean Greens

🥝 Gut Feel

☕️ Shroom Coffee

🌺 Balance Tonic


Afternoon ⛅️

Enjoy after lunch or later in the afternoon for a natural pick-me-up and energising superfood boost.

☕️ Shroom Coffee

🍵 Magic Matcha

🚀 Energy Bars


Evening 🌙

Enjoy in the evening or before bed for to help you relax, unwind and sleep soundly.

🍫 Coco Dream

💡 Remember, this is just a guide so if you find that enjoying your superfoods at different times throughout the day works best for you - that is perfectly fine too!


How often should I enjoy superfood blends?

We would always advise enjoying the recommended daily serving of each product for maximum benefits. This is because they are made with unique ingredients, which provide different health benefits.

Therefore, if you were to skip days or alternate between the products you would not be getting your daily serving of each - which is the dose we have formulated to bring you those specific benefits.

Our daily diet is a way to give our body what it needs, building up stores of key nutrients and giving the body a supply to use every day at the same time.

Most of our products also contain 30 servings, which is enough to last a whole month - when used daily 🎉

What about Balance Tonic?

Balance Tonic is our adaptogenic blend designed to help support hormonal balance and optimal female wellness.

Many of our customers therefore choose Balance Tonic to help manage their hormonal symptoms - many of which are connected to their cycle.

So another question we get asked is if Balance Tonic should be taken before, during or after your cycle for best results?

The answer is the same as for all of our other blends: enjoying the daily serving consistently is always best!

As hormones fluctuate all the time, enjoying Balance Tonic daily helps to balance these as and when needed - so it's important to have your daily tonic, throughout the month and your cycle.

How should I enjoy superfood blends?

Our superfood blends are incredibly versatile, so you can enjoy them in whichever way works best or you.

You can add them to water, juice, healthy recipes, smoothies, yoghurt, oats, and even your regular meals.

If mixing into a drink, you can mix with just 100ml liquid to create your own health shot, or enjoy in a regular sized glass for a longer drink - to sip away and enjoy.

For some inspiration, we have gathered our favourite recipes on our website here.

And here are some of our customer's favourite ways to enjoy the products too!

"I have both Clean Greens and Gut Feel mixed into a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon - it's a really refreshing way to start the day!" - Sarah

"I add Clean Greens and Berry Beauty to my morning smoothie, then enjoy Magic Matcha with some warm oat milk in the afternoon." - Chris

"I've swapped out my morning coffee for a Shroom Coffee and enjoy Balance Tonic mixed into breakfast - overnight oats or yoghurt work really well!" - Becky


Can I mix the blends into hot or boiling water?

All of our blends can be added to hot water or the milk of your choice.

For most of our superfood blends we recommend avoiding boiling liquids - to best preserve their nutrients. However, Shroom Coffee, Magic Matcha and Coco Dream are intended to be enjoyed as a hot drink - so you can mix them all straight from the kettle ☕️

You can also add our superfoods to hot meals too - we'd just recommend adding after cooking e.g. stirring into your porridge once cooked.

We made our superfoods to be easily added to any meal or drink, so that everyone can find their own way of enjoying them!

Rheal Gut Feel

Making the taste of the products work for you 😋

Our superfood blends were created to bring you the benefits of 100% superfoods and nothing else - that means no nasty additives, artificial flavourings or sweeteners.

We've chosen ingredients which are naturally tasty and well as nutritious, but if the taste of superfoods mixed into plain water is not for you - fear not!

We'd recommend making your own health shot with your daily serving stirred into 100ml water.

"I mix Gut Feel & Clean Greens into apple juice - then enjoy as a health shot before my breakfast each morning." - Amy

"I add Shroom Coffee to my pre-workout protein shake with oat milk and nut butter, then enjoy an Energy Bar after my workout." - Tom

"Adding Balance Tonic to my breakfast works for me - I just mix into yoghurt or oats and top with fresh berries - delicious!" - Abby


Or you can add the blends to smoothies and recipes, to gain all of the nutritious benefits with a flavour that is more suited to you. Here are a few of our most popular superfood recipes:

🥄 Balance Tonic Overnight Oats

🥄 Magic Matcha Green Goodness Smoothie

🥄 Yoghurt & Granola Cupcakes with Balance Tonic

🥄 Wild Blueberry Smoothie with Berry Beauty

Check out our blog below to learn more about what you'll find in our products, and why we will never compromise on using natural ingredients and nothing else.

🌱 Natural superfoods and nothing else

When can you expect to start feeling the benefits? ⏳

We wish we could offer a guaranteed timeframe in which to expect noticeable benefits 🙏

However this is a tricky one, as it can change from person to person. Factors such as diet, lifestyle, genetics, environment, hormones, stress levels and so much more play a huge part in this.

Nutrition is all about consistency and it can take a little time to feel the benefits. There are no quick fixes - just as we'd expect with any other diet changes!

Therefore, as long as you enjoy your recommended daily serving alongside a balanced diet / lifestyle, this is the best way to set yourself up for optimal benefits 🙌


Rheal Superfoods, Real Benefits 💚

Last but definitely not least, something we are often asked is 'is this just another dietary fad?'

We're super proud to reply NO! Of course we would say that, but for good reason.

Rheal was born when Charlotte and Sean (our lovely Co-Founders) faced their own personal health challenges and began to notice improvements by incorporating superfoods into their diets.

They each saw real improvements to their health and wellbeing following this, and began their mission to make the power of superfoods accessible to everyone with unique superfood blends back in 2017.

Since then, we’ve seen over 750,000 happy customers feel better with the power of natural, clean superfoods.

🧪 Science-backed ingredients

🌱 No additives, no artificial flavours, just real goodness

💚 Better for you, better for the planet

You can learn more about Our Story here 🙏

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